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We help you be the best you can be. Natural Living Family Chiropractic provides personal care that promotes the healing power of your body to turn on and stay on. Chiropractic care is vital in the progession and quality of life. Do you get your eyes checked? How about your teeth? It's time that you get your spine checked too.

Koren Specific TechniqueKoren Specific Technique (KST)

Koren Specific Technique (KST) is a gentle chiropractic technique used to correct misalignments and distortions in the body without cracking, popping or twisting. Dr. Cathy uses an instrument called an ArthroStim to make the corrections by tapping the area into place, making every adjustment very comfortable.

This approach is customized to each person and can be done in many positions including sitting, standing, lying down and in positions of pain. Amazingly, this technique can help your body better deal with emotional stress, allergies and phobias.

Pregnancy & Pediatric CarePregnancy & Pediatric Care

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a crucial part of a healthy pregnancy which can help avoid complications like a breech position and unnecessary C-sections. Proper alignment in the spine, pelvis and hips will help the expectant mother’s nervous system function optimally and prepare her body to be in the most ideal state for the birthing process. In addition, chiropractic care honors and supports the expectant mother’s innate ability to know how to birth a child and helps reduce any stress and anxiety that could convey to the baby.

When it comes to children, chiropractic care is safe and beneficial to their total health and well-being. Parents have found that children who get regular chiropractic adjustments sleep better, have improved behavior and stronger immune systems. Children with autism, bed-wetting, ear infections, neuro-sensory disorders, constipation, and the list goes on, have all been adjusted in the office with amazing outcomes.

Juice Plus+Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+® is a high-quality, whole-food product that contains the nutrients of 17 fruits, vegetables and grains. Though it is recommended that we eat 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, most people simply do not because of our busy lifestyle. Juice Plus+® bridges this gap by using the juice of 17 fresh raw fruits and vegetables and concentrating the phytonutrients and antioxidants into capsule or chewable form. It is the most highly researched nutritional product and is to shown to produce many positive health effects.

Insight Subluxation Station®

Insight Subluxation Station®

We use a computerized digital evaluation of the nervous system to detect abnormal function in your spine that cannot be seen on X-ray. The scans will show if there are any subluxations (stresses) on your nervous system and how they are affecting your body. This helps us know how to best approach your care so that your nervous system can function optimally, and therefore, help you heal and live to your highest potential. The exam is non invasive, painless and take a few minutes.